Why Today is for your Heart

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September 29, 2016

Hello! I am Bezalel Adainoo, the author of Stay Well Now. My friends call me Bez. As a professional food scientist, I have been asked many questions by people from different walks of life seeking the right information on what food to eat and how that will affect their health.

It all started in 1978 when the International Society and Federation of Cardiology (ISFC) was formed by the merger of the International Society of Cardiology (ISC) and the International Cardiology Federation (ICF), led by John F. Goodwin. The ISC was formed as a professional scientific organization in 1946 made up of the national cardiology societies to organize quadrennial World Congress of Cardiology where specialists and academics share and discuss research and breakthroughs in cardiology. The ICF, a body of heart foundations from around the world, later founded in 1970 was aimed at supporting international research, professional and public education and also engaging in community programmes.

In 1996, UNESCO and the World Health Organization officially recognized the International Society and Federation of Cardiology. Since then, UNESCO and WHO started an on-going cooperation with the ISFC to carry out projects on the prevention of heart disease and other diseases. 1998 saw the change of the name from the International Society and Federation of Cardiology to the World Heart Federation. Currently, WHO recognizes the World Heart Federation as a leading partner in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Why was it Started

World Heart Day started in the year 2000 has had one main target; to inform people around the world that heart disease and stroke makes away with 17.3 million lives each year, making them the leading cause of death in our world today. The day is also set aside to intensify education on how these killer diseases can be prevented. So as part of this, sporting events, concerts, public talks and screenings are organized by the members of the World Heart Federation and individuals around the globe.

How does it Concern You

You heart holds your life and leaving things to chance would not good for the health of your heart. The rising statistics on the number of lives lost to cardiovascular diseases and stroke, which is even expected to rise to 23 million lives by 2030, is quite scary. But great news! It can be prevented by making simple adjustments like eating healthily, exercising regularly, stopping smoking, and reducing the amount of alcohol your drink if you already drink alcohol.

What you can do

All over the world, several events will be held by different bodies and organizations to mark World Heart Day to continue to create awareness of the importance of taking good care of your heart. If you happen to be close to any one of them, we would encourage you to take part in it. For those of us here at Stay Well Now, this is so important to us and here is why. First and foremost, your heart powers your life. It controls your whole body. Secondly, you are very dear to us and we want to ensure that you keep your heart in its best condition so we have started a two-part series on foods you could incorporate into your daily diet to foster good heart health. Further, due to the importance of exercise the role of in the health of the heart, we encourage that you exercise regularly. You should also watch out for the second part of the series on foods to incorporate into your diet for a healthy heart…and remember, You Only Live Once (YOLO) so you have to Power Your Life right. Stay Well Now.

Let’s get interactive by sharing your thoughts and questions with us in the comments section below. Also share with us and other readers what specifically you do daily to ensure a healthy heart.