17 Food and Nutrition Myths Debunked

1 Min
March 4, 2017

Hello! I am Bezalel Adainoo, the author of Stay Well Now. My friends call me Bez. As a professional food scientist, I have been asked many questions by people from different walks of life seeking the right information on what food to eat and how that will affect their health.

For various reasons, a lot of food and nutrition myths have been spread across with very little to no scientific backing. Unfortunately, many people have fallen prey to some of these myths that are leading them to make choices that would deprive them of adequate amounts of nutrients, thus, negatively affecting their health with a short-term or long term consequence. Some of these myths are based on superstition, others are founded on hearsay and a good number of them are just popular opinions with very little proof to them.

Click on the link below to check out 17 food and nutrition myths debunked with sound evidences.

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