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I am Bezalel Adainoo, the author of Stay Well Now. My friends call me Bez. As a professional food scientist, I have been asked many questions by people from different walks of life seeking the right information on what food to eat and how that will affect their health.

It is with this experience and a strong passion to provide compelling content on food, nutrition and fitness that I write the content on Stay Well Now to encourage a new mindset towards food without compromising health so that you can be the better you.With my background in food science and nutrition, the content I publish is well-researched, relevant, relatable, accurate, timely and entertaining.

I love to share information, good quality information especially about food and healthy living, because you’re what you eat.I’m mainly inspired by the need for food science and nutrition professionals to write enthralling food and nutrition issues to ensure that the right information is given to the public in simple language without losing the essence of the facts at hand.

My training allows me to combine knowledge from food science, nutrition and biochemistry to adequately explain issues relating to food and your health. I’m sure by now you think all my life is tied to books…My hobbies include reading, writing, watching movies and documentaries, listening to music and playing the guitar.

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